Teresa Nielsen Hayden (tnh) wrote,
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Predictable outcome

Did I mention that I made my first pro magazine sale a while back? It's nonfiction, of course -- an essay on cliches in book-length works, for the cliche-themed issue John Scalzi is editing for Subterranean.

Today I proofread my galleys. (They may be .pdf files, but they're still galleys.) There are twenty-eight separate items in the corrections I sent John Scalzi. The majority of them are creebs about formatting details, loosely wordspaced lines, and laddered wordbreaks. The last item says:
(You bought a piece of writing from a compulsive rewriter who's also a former typesetter, proofreader, copy editor, managing editor, et cetera. What did you think would happen?)
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