Teresa Nielsen Hayden (tnh) wrote,
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Further dungeon fun:

I died in the Dungeon of Papersky

I was killed in a narrow torture chamber by Pameladean the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Crown of Dhole, the Amulet of Gail Godwin, the Dagger of Tea, the Wand of Vernor Vinge, the Wand of Food, a Figurine of Lisajulie, the Armour of Kate Nepveu, the Wand of Angevin2, the Armour of Aireon, the Shield of Marian Engel, the Dagger of Ianmcdonald, the Wand of Nineweaving, the Amulet of Sovay, the Dagger of Ritaxis, the Crown of Rozk, a Figurine of Redbird, the Crown of Webbob, the Axe of Plato, the Amulet of Montreal, the Crown of Llygoden, the Axe of John Barnes, the Armour of Fivemack, the Wand of Howard Waldrop and 349 gold pieces.

Score: 412

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