For various complicated reasons, there are doughnuts this morning.

I, newly awake, pick one up and examine it closely. "Chocolate frosted doughnuts with colored sprinkles look like they were designed by Milton Glaser," I observe.

"He must have been a Doughnut Glaser," Patrick replies.

I need more coffee.

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Yesterday: my first flight with my hands and feet on the controls of the plane, v. cool.

Today: my first third-degree burn, small but distinctly charred.

Am now having a quiet night at home, working on manuscripts while keeping an eye on my hamster's antics. Feels like real life to me.

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Yetanother meme: take a song, run it through Babelfish, from English to Italian to French to German, then back into English again. So:

I will with TV on the bell with a pain sleep, which a another go week be, and as my light regard spend be, and where it be, that the real thing go I ask a man try advise it say in former times and he it twice say have; My life is a delimitation, which met it long from damage hard over tests me changed over a map, which read: It lived the work as you in the days in projection of a better work than nation, how you lived in the days in projection of a better play than nation, which still co-ordinate! I have it cried am abyss, and gone the answered volume, but, while they examined slowly by the hands, he remembered that that him give to let blow had and him to give licks the name of air places the clay bricks me in feet outside of Albert Corridor held and has plant and written on the wall; The work, when it lived you in the days in projection of a better nation, how you live in the days in projection of a nation that better we take the water at the so-called tree now we make to me the same take your sweat, as digging the art there purely a groove for the human heart garden of please are less than cleared day, or the night them to its life the whole life does not leave to wish over to sense vacation their whispering, if comes too contacted, and if I creep between the sheets, it I legend; The work as you it lived in days in projection of a better work than nation, like you it lived days in projection of a better nation.


The entry box asked me for my interests. I thought about it a while, typed them out, alphabetized the list, and entered it:
American rivers, bodging, botany, characteristic repeating phrases, citrus, colors, explosions, expository theory, fairy dusters and acacias, fibonacci numbers, flathead-6 engines, gestures, hamsters, history, informing structure, interesting garbage, material culture, Middle English, real economics, rocks, sacred harp, saints, semiautomatic weapons, speed.
The software considered my answers, then turned into links the ones that matched the interests of other LJ users.

Today I went and looked at some of the lists of interest-sharers, and from there looked into some of their journals. It was like going around a lot of sharp corners very fast.

Here are the stats on how many LJ users share which interests:
American rivers 2, bodging 7, botany 66, characteristic repeating phrases 0, citrus 38, colors 385, explosions 110, expository theory 0, fairy dusters and acacias 0, fibonacci numbers 48, flathead-6 engines 0, gestures 61, hamsters 220, history 424, informing structure 0, interesting garbage 2, material culture 34, Middle English 20, real economics 0, rocks 136, sacred harp 41, saints 176, semiautomatic weapons 2, speed 280.
It's strange: so few for acacias and exposition, so many for speed.

How the list of interests should read

Colors, explosions, speed, characteristic replicating phrases, informing structure, Sacred Harp, history, botany, expository theory, fibonacci numbers, thou my love singing in the wilderness, bodging, Middle English, flathead-6 engines, American rivers, material culture, real economics, fairy dusters and acacias, interesting garbage, flavor combinations that can't be modeled in advance, citrus, gestures, hamsters, rocks, the names of obscure rhetorical maneuvers, saints, semiautomatic weapons, and the almighty word which was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, amen.

And more besides.


I'd like this better if it weren't called a journal. It sounds too personal. My manifest willingness to shoot my mouth off about my experiences and opinions evaporates as soon as I'm the nominal topic of conversation.

Patrick's right about everything but the spelling: this is an irresistibly dumb meme

Starship Captain! by Uberdude
What is the name of your starship?
Uptight First Officerjimhenley
Closeted Helm/ Navigationmedievalist
Token Alien Scientistbeamjockey
Tarty Nymphomaniac Yeomanfrostfox
Substance-Abusing Ship's Doctorcarbonel
Ensign Smith (aka "the victim")lilairen
Ship's Engineer /Drunkfredcritter
Arch-Nemesis Alien Commanderkiplet
Your ship's secret weaponThe Gay Ray
How does your mission end?You and the Tarty Yeoman get married
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Yet another meme.

Bzoink's survey asks you to state your opinions on a list of complex, divisive issues. What's fun is that it forces you to keep your answers short.

What is your stand on.....

Created by spyndakitrose and taken 15572 times on bzoink!

Abortion?Rates went down under Clinton, rose again under Bush. Sex education and access to contraception are the only answers that work.
Death Penalty?Always wrong, and not a noticeable deterrent to crime. If you believe God punishes sin, you can leave this one in His hands.
Prostitution?Legalize it. As long as there's a class of women who are legal and social non-persons, all women live under the threat of being reassigned to that class.
Alcohol?A universal human consolation that takes practice to get good at. Alcoholism is obviously an illness, and should be treated as such.
Marijuana?Make it legal for people who need it, and keep up the PR campaign to brand it as a loser drug.
Other drugs?Oppressing people who have sleep disorders, and scanting or denying them the chemotherapy they need, has zero effect on street-level stimulant abuse.
Gay marriage?Ever notice that not one single straight couple has stepped forward to say their own marriage has been damaged by the existence of gay marriage?
Illegal immigrants?If we don't want them, why do we keep hiring them? Oh, right -- they're cheaper that way.
Smoking?Insanely stupid. Feels great. Don't ever start.
Drunk driving?Very bad. We need to sort out and address the different behavior patterns that lead to it.
Cloning?A big non-issue. Twins are genetically identical. Half of the plants in your local garden center are clones. Cloned people won't be any more interesting than the normal sort.
Racism?America's oldest and most successful lunatic belief. It's too useful to have an instantly identifiable underclass.
Premarital sex?Sex Ed makes the incidence go down. Anyone familiar with traditional UK ballads should already know that Just Say No doesn't work.
Religion?God made gays, smart women, natural-born atheists, Iraqis, and plesiosaurs. Real Christians should stop second-guessing Him, and work on their faith, hope, and charity.
The war in Iraq?Our folly and downfall and mortal sin. May those who can forgive us for the damage we do on the way to our own ruin.
Bush?Holds us in contempt when he thinks of us at all. Only talks to us when he wants something. Will say anything he thinks will get him what he wants. Con man, coward, and bully.
Downloading music?Whose, and how? It's a distribution channel, not the end of the world. The recording industry's screaming because they're too bone-lazy to deal with it constructively.
The legal drinking age?No matter where we set the age limit, new drinkers are going to get into disastrous trouble. Teach kids to drink under supervision, in civilized circumstances.
Porn?Has always existed, and always will. It's a weird and sleazy industry precisely because we try to suppress it.
Suicide?For teenagers, a terrible idea. My moral certainty fails me in the face of a terminally ill patient in mindless screaming pain. If yours doesn't, try spending time with one.

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Re: Because one cannot talk politics all the time: Book virus

I caught the virus from Womzilla. It goes:

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal...
...along with these instructions.

If the men are darker, it is pastes in slender strings they'll eat, or tubes, always farinaceous, as the dictionary says; but more often on Anglo-Saxon fare the potato takes place before any foreign macaroni or spaghetti.